March 28, 2023

The National Trade Union of Morocco is preparing to hold its eighth national congress later this week, March 18 and 19, at the Moulay Rachid International Youth and Childhood Complex in Bouznik, amid fierce competition for the post. a new Secretary-General to replace Abdelila El-Khalouti, who has completed two of his electoral terms.

The UNTM syndicate conference coincides with the celebration of the silver anniversary of its founding by the late Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Khatib under the slogan “Fifty years of uninterrupted struggle for social justice”.

Between 800 and 1,000 conference attendees are expected to attend the conference of the National Workers’ Union, which is close to the Justice and Development Party, according to Hamid Ibn al-Sheikh, a member of the National Bureau of the National Workers’ Union in Morocco. and head of the Preparatory Committee for the eighth conference announced in connection with Al Yum 24.

According to union sources, the process of revising the rules continues in preparation for the final number of participants, and logistical and organizational operations continue at full speed ahead of the official opening of the session next Saturday morning. .

According to bin Al-Sheikh, the process of electing a new general secretary will be left to the participants of the conference, who are all interested in the nomination process and choose who represents them, based on the laws in force in the National Union.

The head of the preparatory committee for the eighth conference of the Union of National Unions said that the conference participants will choose between three names and two names at the beginning of the voting process, followed by a sorting process of the first three, one of which will be elected as the new general secretary of the union, provided that they meet certain conditions such as a period of time. The duties and responsibilities they have assumed are based on the laws governing the selection of the Secretary General, in accordance with the terms of the General Secretariat, and its ruler is included in the laws of the Union, which is the ruler who applies to the election of all officials of the Union at the regional, regional and national levels.

Bin Al-Sheikh explained in response to the site’s question about the identity of the most likely candidate for the position of General Secretary of the Syndicate, that the conference participants will discuss who can take over the responsibility of the General Secretariat. and one cannot speculate or name the person who will bear this responsibility, because these are the rights of the participants of the conference, and they have a choice. I know the scene and I know the history and the struggle of everyone who will be nominated for this position in order to succeed in Al-Halouti.

The head of the Preparatory Committee stated that the National Union of Labor in Morocco, on the eve of the organization of its eighth national congress, had completed the renewal of its national, regional, regional and sectoral structure in the amount of one hundred and ninety percent.

The spokesman emphasized that the trade union enters its eighth congress united, with representation from all sectors.

In this regard, other sources within the union revealed that there was strong competition and a fierce electoral struggle for the succession of Abd al-Ilah al-Khalouti, the current outgoing general secretary, between the group that enthusiastically elected Muhammad al-Zueytin. , first deputy general secretary and another group of conference attendees who are seeking to move forward with former union general secretary Jamea al-Mu’tasim serving as president of the eighth conference and a member of the National Council of the Union for his election as the new general secretary, who occupies a special position along with Abd Al-Ilah ibn Kiran, Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party, who is expected to attend the opening session of the conference.

On the other hand, our sources ruled out the presence of any influence of the Bijidi General Secretariat on the course of the eighth conference of the union, despite the existence of a partnership between them.

It is noteworthy that the seventh national conference of the National Union of Labor in Morocco in December 2019 elected Abd al-Ilah al-Khaluti as Secretary General of the Union, and also elected Mohammed Zwaiten as First Deputy Secretary General, and Abd al-Ilah Dahman as Second Deputy.

At that time, following the results of the conference, Abd al-Samad Marimi, Muhammad al-Sindi, Belqasim al-Mutasim, al-Siddiq Makshan, Muhammad Lahabib ar-Rani, Anas al-Dahmouni, Mustafa al-Alawi, Halima Schweik, Abdulaziz al -Yousifi, Amna Maa al-Ainin, Reda Shruf, Hamid ibn al-Sheikh and Abdulaziz al-Tashi, Khaled Es Satti and Hassan Mostardef are members of the National Office of the National Union of Labor in Morocco.

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