February 1, 2023

An Amsterdam court sentenced Youssef Taghi, a former lawyer, nephew of Radwan Taghi, leader of the so-called “Moroccan mafia” or “Angels of Death”, to 5 and a half years in prison for accusing him of gambling. an important role in the criminal organization, keeping Radwan in touch with the outside world.

The Dutch prosecutor’s office had previously demanded that Youssef Tagi be imprisoned for seven years, but the court found that some of the alleged charges could not be proven, according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The court accused Youssef of abusing his role as a lawyer, as he had free access to Radwan Tagi, the main suspect in the mass liquidations under the name “Marengo”, and thus was able to convey messages that went unnoticed.

The newspaper reported that in total Youssef visited the mafia leader almost 50 times, as he visited him sometimes several times a day, and they also kept in touch a lot by phone, counting almost a hundred moments of contact between them. information received from the Dutch police.

The court also accuses Youssef of providing unsolicited advice to Radwan Taghi, and he also played the role of his confidential adviser, noting that this role highlights “how organized crime infiltrates the higher world, even in a profession that should be a paragon of integrity.” excellence” (referring to the legal profession).

The court found that “the criminal organization also sought to pay bribes to (tax) officials in the Netherlands and judges in Morocco.”

He concluded that he “caused serious damage to the rule of law and the legal profession through his actions.”

On the other hand, the court acquitted the former lawyer on charges of money laundering, drug trafficking and the actual preparation of Radvan Taghi’s escape from Wücht prison, the most secure prison in the Netherlands.

It also failed to determine to what extent the messages Youssef relayed actually led to the commission of crimes, despite her assertion that he was an indispensable link and that all messages were about the continued existence of the criminal organization and the protection of its members, and among these members are many relatives of Radvan Taghi, along with Raffaele Imperiale, an Italian criminal who was recently arrested.

Radwan Taghi was arrested in Dubai in 2019 and extradited to the Netherlands, where he is currently serving a life sentence in Vukt Prison.

On 18 January, the Court of Criminal Appeal attached to the Court of Appeal of Marrakesh upheld the death sentence handed down by a Dutch suspect in the attack on the La Carim cafe that killed a university student and accused Raduan Taghi. mastermining.

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