February 7, 2023

Fatima Al-Zahraa Al-Mansouri, Minister of National Land Preparation, Urbanization, Housing and Urban Policy, spoke about the measures she approved to speed up the pace of preparation of soil and construction documentation, explaining the details of the prepared studies. and adopted documents of the new generation, as well as the preparation of a bill aimed at simplifying procedures in this area.

Al-Mansoori stated in her response to a written question received by Hespress that the directions set out in Organizational Law No. 111.14 regarding the regions, especially Article 88, would crystallize a vision that is coherent and comprehensive. for structured social events at various territorial levels.

In this context, and based on the content of the new development model, the Ministry took the initiative to start implementing the Foresight Vision 2050 and prepare general directions in the field dialogue by organizing 12 regional workshops during June and July 2022 in agreement with the akims and heads of regional councils.

According to Al-Mansouri, the ministry is seeking to provide new documents for long-term territorial planning in order to develop a comprehensive vision for the development of the field. This is done through the preparation of a set of studies aimed, in particular, at clarifying the vision of structuring and strengthening the various components of the urban system, developing its competitiveness and attractiveness, as well as improving the services it provides, which will help mitigate its imbalances and increase its role in spatial development. . In this regard, she noted the completion of a national urban system design and a national strategy to improve the competitiveness of small towns, as well as studies related to green growth areas and the coast, as well as a synthesis report. on spatial dynamics and differences through the study of a network of spatial indicators and their translation into a cartographic form.

On the other hand, the ministry has prepared programs for the integrated management of vulnerable areas, which aim to extrapolate the future of soil fields based on a better understanding of spatial dynamics and adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach that balances the assessment and conservation of spatial resources within the framework of participation, in addition to the preparation of model soil projects with a development aspect Among them are the High Atlas Sustainable Territorial Development Program, the Lesser Atlas Sustainable Territorial Development Program and the Reef Block Sustainable Territorial Development Program. The Ministry also worked to complete a study on spatial solidarity aimed at developing a strategy to promote and support various areas according to its capabilities, needs and capabilities, taking into account ongoing workshops on the implementation of enhanced regionalization.

The departments of the ministry have completed work on Moroccan soil with the aim of achieving the analytical reality of Moroccan soil, determining the geographical characteristics and presenting events, and compiling a document for communication and dissemination of information. He also developed the National Observatory for Spatial Dynamics portal and established regional observatories in four model regions, with the completion of a roadmap to distribute these observatories to all regions, in addition to completing and activating a protocol for collecting spatial data. .

A government official confirmed, in response to a question from a movement group, that the ministry is working to develop next-generation redevelopment documents by prioritizing areas under strong urban pressure and large urban agglomerations and making them more flexible and keeping pace with urban and economic dynamics. Work is also underway to expand the areas of study to cover regions, prefectures or metropolitan areas, and not just cities and urban centers.

The new generation of redevelopment documents, the minister, who belongs to the Party of Authenticity and Modernity, added, seeks to ensure better connectivity between urban and rural areas, as well as to assess the functional links between rural and urban sectors. This will allow local managers to have a well-defined roadmap defining the identity and function of each of the spatial components.

The ministry is also working to cover six metropolitan areas with next-generation redevelopment documents. In this context, as of July this month, 35 mockups have been approved, 11 mockups are in the process of being approved, and are working on a new approach, which will be to conclude annual targeted contracts with city agencies in relation to the evaluation of the activities of these agencies in preparing design estimates and bringing its operation, within the time limits set for them and the issuance of documents of a new generation, more flexible, while taking all measures aimed at reducing the stages and the duration of their implementation by adopting three stages instead of six.

Al Mansouri emphasized that work is underway to update and revise building documents, whether those that have expired or no longer fit developments and urban dynamics, and to adopt configuration systems with updated content aimed at consolidating flexibility and encouraging rapid reconstruction. within the framework of large complex projects, as well as the preparation of a draft law on construction documentation aimed at overcoming observed limitations by simplifying the procedures for preparing, evaluating and reviewing reconstruction documents and incorporating the principles of minor changes and adaptations, emphasizing that within the framework of generalizing the coverage of the national territory by reconstruction documents and by updating the documents that were bypassed, 1259 territorial gminas out of 1503 were covered.

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