June 2, 2023

Although it came into force from September 2020, i.e. about three years ago, Law No. 55.19 regarding the simplification of administrative procedures and procedures continues to accumulate widespread criticism from various Moroccan spectrums; The latter came from civil society organizations about “non-compliance by some government departments and public institutions with the Law on Simplification of Procedures.”

The Office of the International Observatory on Media and Human Rights in Morocco issued an unequivocal appeal to “all ministers to ensure the proper application of the ratified laws, especially the Law on Facilitation of Procedures”, specifically mentioning that “the Minister of the Interior should give instructions to bosses and workers in order to go to keep pace with all departments under their jurisdiction until the implementation of this law.

In this regard, the Observatory recorded “with regret and regret the non-compliance by a group of government departments and public institutions with the developments of the Law on Simplification of Procedures; Especially the application of its seventh article, which clearly states that “the user is not entitled to demand more than one copy of the documents constituting the application” and “not to require him to correct the signature on the documents and documents constituting the application file, and also because he does not require by providing identical copies of the original documents and documents constituting the application file”.

Administration “against” the law!

“Many public administrations and institutions are not acting in accordance with what was stated in the Law on Facilitation of Procedures and Decree (No. 2.22.048 of June 8, 2022), the same source monitored, considering that “such separate decisions are contrary to royal directives.” , which were the basis and essence of the Law on Simplification of Procedures, since The procedure for its preparation and approval.

Al-Marsad, in a statement available to Hespress, confirmed that the continuation of this administrative practice “has caused a number of problems between citizens, state administrations and territorial groups”, listing the most important of which “the requirement for candidates to pass entrance examinations to match copies of their originals; This led to a permanent dispute between students and collective signature offices under the pretext that their certificates were still in their universities, which led to verbal altercations that often escalated into police intervention or a student pleading with an employee to verify copies of certificates with originals. only on the basis of a student card.

The civil authority stated that “colleges and universities are required by law, by virtue of articles 2 and 4 of the decree, to certify that the copies of the documents they have are identical to their originals, in order to preserve the dignity of the student in the first place and to protect the officer responsible for collating certificates with their originals.

The same observatory also criticized “the non-commitment of some government officials to this law, as they continue to require associations and others to submit 7 certified copies of all documents that make up the case, with the signature of their president.” “. As for obtaining an administrative certificate of ownership, they require 10 copies of each document with confirmation of its compliance with the original and a signature.

Accordingly, the human rights body emphasized the need to “solve the problem resulting from the deletion of certain administrative documents obtained by local groups; Please note that a group of citizens is still required to submit it to some consulates in Morocco or some departments abroad.

The statement ends with a call to the government to “accelerate the project to digitize the Moroccan administration while urging it to do more towards this goal” in order to win time and money; This will have a positive impact on investment and development in general.”

Observatory post calls for monitoring "Simplifying rulers" first appeared on Hespress – Hespress, a Moroccan electronic newspaper.

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