March 28, 2023
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Hespress of TetouanWednesday, March 15, 2023 – 01:20 am

The regional delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Tetouan denied widespread allegations of a violation of the confidentiality of data and results of blood tests, stressing that this news is false and unfounded.

The same delegate, in an explanatory note, reported that the process of entering data into the national platform for blood transfusion centers was a two-step process; The first is dedicated to the entry of personal information, limited by name, age, gender, phone number and address, through a special channel for this type of data, which in no way gives its user the right to access the results of analyzes of donors.

As for the second stage, the message adds, during which the data of the first stage are entered through a special channel for the doctors of the blood transfusion centers in charge of this process, in complete secrecy, which ensures the confidentiality of the results of donor tests. Dear.

The delegation of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Tetouan confirmed that the regional blood transfusion center operates in accordance with international standards in terms of quality management and production standards, thanks to which it received ISO 9001 certification in 2022.

The Delegation reminded itself of the seriousness of spreading such lies and false news, which could affect the trust and demand of volunteers for blood donation centres, reserving the right to take legal action against anyone proven to have committed such an act.

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