June 4, 2023

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia delivered; The final bid for the 2026 Asian Women’s Cup Final submitted by the Saudi Arabian Football Association is being submitted to the Asian Football Confederation.
The Asian Confederation Representative, AFC Asian Cup Director, welcomed the Saudi Arabian delegation responsible for submitting the file to the Asian Football Confederation headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Saudi Arabian delegation tasked with handing over the hosting file was represented by Saudi Women’s First Assistant Coach Dani Raghab, Saudi National Team and Youth Club player Ragad Helmi, and young soccer player Maria Baghfar.
Yasser bin Hassan Al Mishal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Arabian Football Association, confirmed that the Kingdom is committed to hosting this major continental event in line with the observed leaps in inclusive development, especially in the world of sports, as this hosting opens up new horizons for women’s football in A Kingdom and a region that has made great strides despite its recent age, indicating that the Kingdom has a strong sports infrastructure that allows it to host the Women’s Asian Cup as it welcomes guests from the Asian continent and all over the world.
Al-Mishal added: “We have been preparing for this tournament from an early age according to the highest levels of organization and the Saudi Arabia file is exhaustive and full of details that will enrich the 2026 AFC Women’s Championship and we are confident that the chances of winning hosting will increase. God will give.”
He explained that the Kingdom, in hosting the 2026 Women’s Asian Cup, aims not only to spread the game or decent representation in tournaments, but also to present the Saudi Federation with an outstanding version of women’s football in a global event that puts the Kingdom on the global sports map and is in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s vision. for 2030.
The Saudi Arabia Football Association file includes the requirements, conditions and criteria of the championship, in addition to the regional and international sporting events and events that the Kingdom has hosted over the past few years and received worldwide recognition as part of the plan. for the Saudi Arabian Football Association, through which it aims to host major continental and international sporting events.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bids for the right to host the tournament, and documents must be submitted by Jordan, Australia and Uzbekistan, and the Asian Football Confederation is expected to make its decision and announce the host country of the tournament next year 2023.


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