April 1, 2023

On the eve of the celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of relations with Austria, the royal adviser André Azoulay held a series of meetings in Austria with European officials, the purpose of which was to present the experience and achievements of Morocco and the prospects towards which it is moving.

In this context, Azoulay, who visited Austria at the invitation of the Moroccan Young Leaders Organization and her Austrian colleague, held meetings with the Ministers of Europe and the Constitution (Catherine Edstadler), Economy (Martin Kocher), Women and Integration (Susan Raab) and Youth (Claudia Blackcolm).

During working meetings with European officials, the king’s adviser considered aspects of “cohesion, confidentiality and social modernity of the social project adopted by Morocco”.

Azoulay told European ministers that Morocco’s social project would be worthy of our partners’ conscious and objective assessment of its scope, especially with regard to the place given to pluralism in all its components and wealth in its complex nature.

And the visit of Azuleius to Austria, which coincides with the celebration by the Kingdom at the end of February of the 240th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Austria (February 28, 1783).

In this context, Azoulay praised Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who will pay an official visit to Morocco (from February 27 to March 1), considering the historical depth of the charter of trust and mutual respect between the Moroccan and Austrian civilizations, as well as their influence. weight on the international stage more than two centuries ago.

As Azoulé explained in front of the Vienna Diplomatic Academy, the Austrian Forum of International Relations, as well as representatives of the business sector, considering that “this is the weight that today is experiencing a moment and a new manifestation, when Vienna and the institutions in which it is located for a week to listen, which defines Morocco, strong spiritual and temporal leadership, embodied by the king.” Mohammed VI, his sayings and suggestions to others in the European, Mediterranean and African continents. .

It is noteworthy that Azoulay, who is on a visit to Austria, accompanied by the King’s ambassador to Austria, Ezzedine Farhan and the chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Islamic Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, Nadia Bueida, met with the former Austrian Hans Fischer. President and longtime collaborator, as well as several personalities belonging to the Austrian political scene.

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