February 1, 2023

OPEC Secretary General Haytham Al-Ghais said: The organization is being cautious and vigilant and is monitoring economic developments around the world, emphasizing the organization’s willingness to intervene to serve the oil markets.


And he pointed out that there are misunderstandings and misconceptions about the organization and its member states, and that it is not against the environment, but rather contributes to the preservation of the environment through the development of technology, and that the organization is part of the solution and not the cause of the problem.

He emphasized that the organization believes that all types of energy should complement each other, and it is impossible to switch from one energy to another day and night, pointing out that oil makes up 31% of world energy production.


And he pointed out that the oil market has faced serious shocks due to the coronavirus and the Russian-Ukrainian war and is working to achieve stability in the oil market.

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