November 29, 2022

The work of the Mauritanian-Moroccan Joint Committee on cooperation in the field of fisheries and the maritime economy at the expert level has started at the International Conference Center in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott.

According to the Mauritanian news agency, during this meeting, Mauritanian and Moroccan experts will review and study various areas of cooperation, especially scientific research, product evaluation and marketing, aquaculture, training and value-added, with the aim of coming up with suggestions and recommendations that will improve joint work and will facilitate the exchange of experience in various fields to ensure sustainable prosperity and increase income and achieve the aspirations of the two peoples.

Mauritania overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with a coastline of about 800 km, from the mouth of the Senegal River to the port of Nouadhibou.

According to experts, more than two million tons can be caught annually without compromising the natural growth of fish stocks, while 700 species of fish live in Mauritanian waters, 200 of which are of commercial importance, only 6 of which are exploited in local and international commercial markets.

Despite Mauritania’s huge opportunities in the field of marine fisheries, it is noticeable that foreign funding throughout the life of the Mauritanian state was reluctant to invest in this vital sector.

Just a week ago, Mauritania invited Moroccan investors to pay attention to investment opportunities, especially in the fields of offshore fisheries and energy, as the gas fields discovered there will begin to be exploited next year.

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