March 28, 2023
Emad Al-Sonuni

Hamid Rizki of Beni MellalTuesday, October 4, 2022 – 11:44 PM

Today, Tuesday, the Beni Mellal Court of First Instance handed down a valid prison sentence and fines of around AED 360,000 against collective councilors in rural communities, administrative attaches, employees and brokers.

The sentences of the first instance against the defendants belonging to the administrative annexes and village groups belonging to the Beni Mellal region, as well as to the former official, pensioner and intermediaries from the Aduz region, ranged from three years to six months. .

The prosecutor’s office monitored detainees in cases related to forging a common document, creating real estate fragmentation without a license, bribery, facilitating the preparation of documents related to embezzlement, cession of dynastic real estate, creating real estate fragmentation in an area that is not eligible for acquisition in accordance with established rules, and issuing a check without a balance..

The units of the Royal Gendarmerie in Beni Mellal, at the direction of the competent prosecutor’s office, launched an investigation involving employees, collective advisers and citizens of Beni Mellal, Sidi Jaber, Ouled Aknow and Phum el Element, with the aim of falsifying contracts for the sale of land in Aduz, belonging to Ust El-Element, and to facilitate their clandestine fragmentation.

Forgery and bribery Beni Mellal

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