April 1, 2023

Under slogans calling for an investigation into the results of the qualification examination for entry into the legal profession, refusing to announce the speedy results of the oral examination held a few days ago, the “losers” candidates gathered at the “National Committee on Victims Advocacy Examination” was again heard in a protest, which they organized this Sunday evening in front of the parliament’s headquarters in the capital Rabat.

Despite a guarantee from the official constitutional institution, the Ministerial Delegation for Human Rights, to “hold a dialogue with those involved within two weeks,” members of the same committee who say they “failed” have returned to the streets , surprised by what they called “an attempt to finish off their legitimate demands and a just cause.”

The protesters raised slogans criticizing the Minister of Justice’s “confusion with the conduct and conduct of his case since its inception”. Dozens of participants, members of the “Committee on Victims of Forensic Science in Morocco”, chanted slogans describing the “exam” as “farcical and theatrical”, listing the “formal and procedural irregularities that marred the match”.

In a statement to Hespress, Rahima Bragg, an exam candidate who participated in the protest, said: “Today’s position before Parliament is nothing less than a continuation and embodiment of Nasali’s path and program developed by the National Victims Assistance Committee. examination for the right to practice law”, emphasizing that “the hasty announcement of the results of the oral examination for lawyers will not interfere with them.” This will not prevent them from continuing to challenge the exam as a whole; Because he was affected by one of the disadvantages of abolishing the death penalty, especially the abuse of power.”

He also considered that “the committee still has many next steps to escalate”, denying that “fatigue or capitulation has befallen them throughout their path of struggle”. She explained that “the hunger strike was the initiative of some candidates and was approved by the commission, but the intransigence of the ministry and the inability to find a radical solution will push them to open strike by the hundreds,” as she put it.

“It is supposed to start an immediate dialogue with our demands formally and legally, not to mention the guarantee of a two-week period; If our case is really of interest to the Minister of Justice and other officials,” the protester says, recalling that “the demands are fair, uncompromising, expressed in the abolition of the Unified State Examination as a whole, the dismissal of the minister and holding him accountable, as well as starting an urgent investigation.”

For her part, Asmaa Al-Hazzam, one of the hunger strikers, spoke of a “feeling of shock” she said she had lived with since the start of their case.

Al-Hazzam said in a statement to Hespress during the vigil that “her soul is in danger of death after the hunger strike and remains on the neck of the minister of justice who refuses to open an investigation into the case”, describing talk of “starting a dialogue with them with guarantees” as ” ridicule and suspicious negotiations.” Because “the time difference between mediating their case and reassuring them in dialogue was only 24 hours.”

In an angry tone, Al-Hazam called for “urgent royal intervention” to look into their case and give him the necessary care, “because they are your sons, Your Majesty,” according to her statement.

The ministerial delegation responsible for human rights announced in a communiqué it issued last Friday evening that it “follows with great interest the contacts and efforts of representatives of the Ministry of Justice aimed at ending the hunger strike in defense and preserving the right to life.”

And with “high positivity” the ministerial delegation recorded in its communiqué what it considered “the readiness of the Ministry of Justice to receive a delegation of hunger strikers to communicate with them for a maximum of two weeks”, expressing its appreciation for the response of the strikers to the end of the strike.

The members of the aforementioned committee did not hesitate to express, during a press conference organized last Tuesday evening in Rabat, their “demands for immediate and urgent intervention to resolve their case, which has reached the point where some of them have gone on an open hunger strike.” ”, resuming “its condemnation of the silence and complicity of the majority of the political and trade union bodies in relation to their case since it began more than two months ago.

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