March 28, 2023

Muhammad Ozen, general secretary of the People’s Movement Party, is hopeful that his party will lead the 2026 elections after, as it was announced on Sunday, “the stage of playing small and complementary roles” is over.

Ozen, who spoke at a meeting of his party’s National Council, reaffirmed his promise to “restructure the leadership of the party and the media and restart its political discourse.”

He explained that this will be done through the roadmap, which will be uploaded within two months, “collectively in the center, in the field and in the regions, to rebuild the internal house of the party and correct the organizational situation, completing the structures in the field, in the field “. preparation horizon for the 2026 polling station”.

He continued: “We want to formulate a new and renewed vision, respond to the demands of society and restore the level of confidence in political action, and this will only be achieved with work and courage in expressing positions.”

He added that his party needs a little courage to step up the pace because it has all the ingredients to be at the forefront of the national political scene.

The regular session of the National Council of the Popular Movement Party is the first session since the election of Muhammad Uzin as the general secretary of the party at the fourteenth National Congress, which was held at the end of November last year to replace the former secretary. General Muhannad Al-Anser.

And the participants of the conference at Ozen unanimously voted for him with their hands, without fixing either abstentions or objections.

The party’s new general secretary Mazadad in 1969 has been supported by the outgoing Amhand al-Rank since 2002, when he worked with him in the Diwan, while al-Rank carried the portfolio of agriculture in the government of Idris Jettu, during the period from 2002 to 2007.

And he continued to work in the same office after the elements asked Aziz Ahannoush, who had an agricultural portfolio after him, to keep Ozin before he was appointed by King Mohammed VI in 2009 to the position of Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new General Secretary of the Popular Movement currently holds the position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and previously served as Minister of Youth and Sports between 2013 and 2015.

He was released before the expiration of the government’s term in an incident known to the media as “Karrata” after the rain water that flooded the Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat was used instead of modern means during a match. place on the floor as part of the Mondialito 2014 demonstration.

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