March 28, 2023

House Socialist Group MP Noja Ibakrim called on Interior Minister Abdel-Wafi Laftit to reveal the selection criteria for the date of the transitional movement among women and men in power under the position of Commander, Pasha and Head of Department.

Abakrim emphasized that “it is important that this process is subject to objective criteria affecting all areas of employment of women and men in power, especially in relation to the realization of the goals of citizens. The social dimension of stakeholders and their families must also be taken into account.”

The parliamentarian also demanded in a written request to disclose the procedures on which the Ministry of Internal Affairs relies on new appointments, and the guarantees provided for by the current legislation to compensate for the damage to those affected by this movement.

A member of the Socialist Group in the House of Representatives explained that the results of this broad transitional movement of women and men in power led to the promotion of some and the disciplinary actions of some in “a shade of regression in scope, degree or appointment in an area less important than before.”

It is noteworthy that in August last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out a transitional movement among the security forces, of which there are 1819 people, which is 43 percent of the total number of members of this body working in the regional administration.

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