February 8, 2023

Advanced cancer patients are complaining that they have run out of medication, an anguish conveyed by the Socialist Command in the House of Representatives through a verbal question on the agenda of the weekly House of Representatives Oral Matters meeting for tomorrow, Monday.

According to the Socialist Group’s oral question, “patients suffering from advanced cancer require intensive pain relief drugs during treatment,” noting that the suffering of this category of patients “is exacerbated when they do not find painkillers.” in pharmacies, which is currently registered with effective drugs. Which no longer has any effect in pharmacies.

He explained that “oncological patients, when they reach this stage, it is necessary to provide comfortable conditions to reduce the severity of their suffering, and the search for drugs increases their psychological complications.”

The oral question, addressed to Health Minister Khaled Ait Talib, is among 14 questions, including a question about “reducing the suffering of cancer patients” to the National Association of Independents team in Parliament.

In addition to the question about “reasons for the lack of drugs for spinal muscular atrophy” for the Social Democratic Constitutional Team and “problems faced by people who previously used the RAMED medical care system” for the motor brigade, and “measures taken to facilitate citizens’ access to various health services for the Authenticity and Modernity team.

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