February 8, 2023

Continued praise and recognition of the historic achievement achieved by the Moroccan national football team last Saturday after reaching the semi-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This time, the same messages came from the House of Representatives, where the country’s representatives spoke on the occasion of the monthly general policy session addressed to Prime Minister Aziz Ahannouche on the topic “Water Policy in Morocco”. their joy at the achievement of the “Lions of Atlas”, expressing on this occasion My warmest congratulations to King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan people.

In this regard, Representative Sidi Ibrahim Hi, representing the team of the National Association of Independents, congratulated the King and the Moroccan people on the victory of the national team in the World Cup matches organized in Qatar, expressing wishes for success in the upcoming matches.

For his part, MP Abdul Rahim Shahid, head of the Socialist Team, praised the “ambitious teamwork of our national team, which crushed selfishness and selfishness and dedicated itself to the national spirit, which is always present at difficult moments and important historical turning points.” He added that this achievement represents a Moroccan exception: “we want it to become a driving force that promotes development and consolidates popular unity and rallying around all national issues.”

For his part, Representative Abdel-Fattah Al-Aouni, representing the Authenticity and Modernity Team, expressed his “sincere and sincere congratulations to all the players, members of the technical staff of the national team, the President of the Royal Football University, and all its members for this wonderful historical achievement in the World Cup Football 2022 in Qatar.

Al-Auni praised in this context the Moroccan, Maghreb, Arab and African masses who “spared no effort to give support and assistance to Walid Regraki’s Lion Battalion”, considering that this had a great influence on this unprecedented achievement.

In turn, MP Abdelnabi Eydudi, representing the Harki team, praised the victory of the Moroccan team over his Portuguese counterpart and its well-deserved entry to the Golden Square, considering it an “Arab-African-Amazigh victory of the brown continent and a firm confirmation of the formula” the winner takes all “established by His Majesty in relation to Africa.”

Aidoudi added that if Morocco wins the qualification for the Golden Square, Africa will definitely win extra maps to take their teams to the next rounds of the World Cup.

On the other hand, a high-ranking Kadaa parliamentarian, representing the Istiklal team for unity and equality, expressed great pride in what the Morocco national football team achieved in the World Cup final in the State of Qatar, stressing that the victory of the Moroccan elite “is an honor for the right to national sport and raises high the flag of our country in this respect.” A large international forum led by a young national structure.

On the other hand, MP Uday Shajari, representing the Progress and Socialism team, said: “We congratulate ourselves on the historic achievement of the Atlas Lions at the World Cup in Qatar, which has made our country a source of pride for the entire Moroccan people. , the Arab world and the African continent”.

And the head of the Social Democratic Constitutional Team, Belassal Shaoui, in turn, congratulated King Mohammed VI, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and the national team, staff and players for everything they have done, wishing them success in the remaining matches.

As for the head of the Parliamentary Group for Justice and Development, Abdallah Boano, he said that the advance of the Moroccan team to the semi-finals was a “major event”, expressing his sincere wishes for success to the national elite who qualified. for the final and winning the Gold Cup.

The Morocco national football team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar after beating their Portuguese counterpart last Saturday at Al-Tumama Stadium with a clean goal signed by Youssef Al-Nusayri; In the semi-finals, he will face France.


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