February 1, 2023
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Hespress from RabatWednesday, January 11, 2023 – 07:41

In response to the debate surrounding the recent results of the qualifying examination for admission to the legal profession, the Free Morocco Party has asked the king’s prosecutor at the Rabat Court of Cassation to open a judicial inquiry into the matter.

And in the request, a copy of which Hespress received, it was indicated that on September 14, 2022, the Minister of Justice issued a decree under No. 43 M. you M, regulating the procedure for the examination for obtaining a certificate of the right to practice the legal profession in 2022.

The same source recalled the first article of the ministerial decree setting the date for the qualification examination, indicating that the official website of the portal of the Ministry of Justice published a list of names of the final list of candidates admitted to pass the qualification examination for the issuance of a certificate of the right to practice the legal profession, and this list also included a nationally determined number for each candidate, having a subpoena number, an application number, the candidate’s full name, their national ID number, and the address of the match center.

The request stated that on the morning of the exam, a group of social networks, as well as a group of articles in the electronic press, published news about the leakage of exam questions, not to mention the suspicious atmosphere in which they took place. associated with organization or poor control.

The party indicated that on December 30, 2022, the Ministry of Justice announced the results of the above-mentioned examination and published on its official portal the list of candidates for the two written examinations drawn up according to the agenda number, and as soon as the results were announced, the Free Moroccan Party received complaints from a group of failed candidates, accompanied by press articles and links to social media posts.

The request confirms that the complaints point to violations and undue influence on the part of the examination oversight committee, as well as suspicions of forgery involving the list of passers, in addition to violations related to the commission’s failure to comply with the conditions and criteria for passing the examination. examination, such as age and certificate received.

The party recorded that “suspicions of irregularities in the process of organizing the exam are reinforced by allegations of leakage of questions and successes of names associated with the Ministry of Justice, either with a high position, or with the central administration and the office of the minister, or in family ties with members of the commission overseeing the organization of the exam.

Moroccan Free Party Law Firm and Ministry of Justice

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