June 4, 2023

Mustafa Paytas, a government spokesman, said the allegation that the government was meddling in programming was untenable, describing the obstruction of the minister in charge of parliamentary relations from taking the floor at the last oral session in the House of Representatives last Monday. as “arbitrary” because parliament is a place for debate and discussion, struggle and highlight points of view, emphasizing that the government has no tutelage over the work of parliament.

Paytas unexpectedly wondered, saying at a press conference held on Friday on the sidelines of the government council: “If the minister in charge of relations with the parliament does not have the right to say who he is talking about and is not present! !!?, and why does he sit in Parliament from the beginning of the session to the end of it!!?, before answering: “Because he is in charge of managing the relationship between Parliament and the government, and if any parliamentarian raises specific requests, then the minister must give explanations, so what’s the use of the minister coming, listening and in the end saying that you don’t have the right to speak?” He described his ban on speaking in parliament as “unacceptable arbitrariness.” ”

emphasizing that all decisions of the Constitutional Court, empowered to regulate and supervise laws, including the internal law of the House of Representatives, emphasize the need for balance and cooperation between the two powers, and in all oversight initiatives, the parliamentarian takes the floor and the minister speaks to answer him.

He showed that the questions of the opposition were programmed into the agenda of the apparatus of the parliament with jurisdiction, and the minister who participated in the controversy was present and answered these questions, so why is the minister being prevented from speaking!!?.

The opposition factions in the House of Representatives caused a big stir with the majority teams and the minister-delegate in charge of relations with parliament, government spokesman Mustafa Paytas, due to the lack of answers to some questions that were scheduled for a meeting on Monday, November 28.

The Progress and Socialism team in the House of Representatives decided to withdraw from the oral question session last Monday after Rashid Hamuni, head of his team, questioned the reasons for the lack of response and accused some ministers of being “unable to answer the general question.” He described, against the backdrop of disagreements between the government and the opposition, “the lack of answers to the questions submitted twenty days ago” as “unacceptable”, stressing that “the parliament is the one that controls the government, and this is unacceptable for the executive branch.” to determine which question will be answered.

And after the same parliamentary disputes that the Popular Movement parties, Al-Bayhidi and Authenticity and Modernity, entered into, the delegated minister in charge of relations with the parliament, government spokesman Mustafa Paytas was unable to complete his intervention, he said, addressing the representative of the Justice and Development Party, Mustafa Ibrahimi: “Who are you to stop me from talking.”

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