March 25, 2023

Statements made by a Frente POLISARIO spokesman about the front’s efforts to use drones to threaten the security and territorial integrity of Morocco have raised doubts as to their seriousness.

Omar Mansour, who has the status of “Minister of the Interior” in the POLISARIO, said during a speech to Front supporters in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott that there is a plan to use the Front’s drones against Morocco. following the abandonment of the ceasefire agreement following the intervention of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces to expel elements of the Front. From the Hergerat border crossing with Mauritania.

Commenting on these statements, Mohamed Salem Abdel-Fattah, head of the Sahara Observatory for Media and Human Rights, says that Mansour Ammar’s escalatory statements are nothing short of “ignoring the military issue and violating diplomatic norms.”

Polisario leader Ammar Mansour’s claim that the POLISARIO owns military marches and is preparing to use them in its proposed war is, according to Abdel-Fattah, nothing more than military propaganda, recalling the many similar threats being handled by his fellow separatist leaders. front. at times.

As for his propagandistic approach to the issue, he refers, according to the expert from the Sahara case, to a populist discourse that is far from realism, especially considering his civilian background as a political leader who has never before entered the thick of things. . battle fronts, and who knows nothing about the types of weapons or tactics adopted by the POLISARIO.

Thus, field developments – if they are correct – should, according to Abdel-Fattah, be surrounded by complete secrecy, and their success depends to a large extent on the element of surprise.

Even on the political side, it seems that Mansour’s statement was not well thought out or calculated, which could embarrass Mauritania, which positions itself as a “positive neutrality” party and supports international efforts and a peaceful solution.

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