June 2, 2023

Today, Monday, more than 90 percent of port users carried the badge, according to union sources, in protest against the failure to implement the results of the central social dialogue in the sector, as well as the “marginalization of workers and the lack of response. to their urgent demands,” union sources say.

While the administration has lowered participation rates, protesters continue to wear the badge throughout this week.

A strike is expected to take place next Monday, which will lead to the paralysis of all the ports of Morocco “in case the demands of the workers are not met,” the Confederation of Labor and the Democratic Labor Organization said in a joint communiqué.

The two unions decided to intensify their protests against the leadership of the National Ports Agency due to the failure to implement the results of the central social dialogue in the sector.

In a letter sent to the management of the agency, they recorded the existence of “an atmosphere of tension and frustration among all workers due to the inability to activate any results of the recent social dialogue.”

The administration was also accused of slowness in responding to their demands “in exchange for a high speed in responding to the demands of employees of other institutions, the latest of which is Marsa al-Maghrib.”

These are requirements for retroactive salary increases from at least January 1, 2022, the payment of a new organic law grant to employees of the Foundation, and retroactive enrollment in the RECORE supplementary pension fund from January 2017.

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