June 2, 2023
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Hespress – WLLThursday, March 30, 2023 – 04:11

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority has established the second edition of the Authority’s award with the aim of encouraging scientific research on topics related to the capital market.

The agency said in a statement that the award, established with the support of the Scientific Council of the Moroccan Capital Market Authority, aims to reward researchers whose academic and professional path contributes to the advancement of scientific research in the field of the capital market.

The same source stated that the prize will be awarded to four research papers. He concerns the two best doctoral theses and the two best scientific papers, noting that this competition aims to support research work and encourage a sense of innovation and excellence, especially in areas related to long-term financing through markets, liquidity and the valuation of financial instruments. , market infrastructure, futures market and clearinghouse, asset management, microstructure of financial markets, technological innovation and financial markets (blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, etc.), participatory finance, sustainable finance, behavioral finance, and capital market regulation .

Doctoral students or holders of doctoral studies under the age of 40, holders of Moroccan citizenship and associated with an institution of higher education in or outside Morocco, or holders of foreign nationality and associated with an institution of higher education in Morocco are considered eligible to be nominated for the AMMC Award. for scientific research.

This invitation is addressed to applicants who have research in the form of a doctoral dissertation or a published scientific article that was completed within the three years preceding the closing date for applications.

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority’s Research Award, valued at AED 50,000, aims to strengthen the body’s relationship with the academic system.

The report concluded that detailed information on the terms of participation can be found on the website of the Moroccan Capital Market Authority.

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