June 2, 2023

With the Spanish elections approaching, Spanish public opinion is once again highlighting the subject of the dispute with Morocco, arguing that precious minerals are emerging in the Tropic mountain zone, located on the Moroccan regional coast.

In this context, the Spanish newspaper Laraton reported: “The dispute between Rabat and Madrid over the Tropic Mountain, located near the Spanish Canary Islands and the Moroccan Atlantic coast, is associated with the discovery of many valuable minerals in this region, and these are minerals that will become a raw material for all industries in the future.”

The same source continued: “Underground minerals are the oil of the future, and they will be the main source for technology industries, and they will be used in all sectors, such as the production of cars, phones, computers. , cameras, pipes, weapons and other devices and mechanisms, and therefore whoever has them will be stronger in the future and will ensure his national security.

“Morocco has phosphate and many other minerals, such as cobalt, which are scattered in the southern desert regions, but the ratio of these minerals to phosphate remains weak, and the same applies to Spain, whose maritime areas contain a number of important minerals. , but they remain insufficient. Thus, all eyes are riveted on the Tropical region, ”writes the Spanish newspaper Laratón.

And the same newspaper continued: “This sea area, located at a depth of up to a thousand meters, is very rich in minerals and will be the basis for future industries such as iron, cobalt, platinum, nickel, vanadium and manganese, as well as other types of rare metals; Its area completely exceeds the area of ​​some countries.

In the same context, a Spanish newspaper confirmed that “there is a dispute between Morocco and Spain over who can conquer this precious maritime area, since Madrid has tried in recent years to increase the maritime area of ​​the Canary Islands to include areas of the tropical region, to no avail, at that time how Morocco has decided in recent years to demarcate its maritime borders with a view to annexing the region.

The Spanish newspaper ended its article by noting that “these precious metals will cause conflicts between the main poles of the world such as the United States of America and China”, adding that the United States’ recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara is an important step. support the Kingdom to take over the “Tropical” region.

old dispute

University professor and political analyst Mohamed El-Amrani Bukhbza said: “The dispute between Rabat and Madrid over Tropic Mountain is considered old, but Spanish public opinion is deliberately reminiscent of it after the Moroccan parliament unanimously approved two bills defining Morocco’s maritime areas, and in accordance with which extends its jurisdiction to the coast.” It extends from Saidia in the east, passing through Tangier in the north, to Laguira in the south of the Sahara.

Bukhbza continued his speech in Hespress that “Morocco’s desire to strengthen its political position in the face of Spanish demands and to preserve its interests and sovereign rights over all its maritime areas, in addition to its desire to benefit from the wealth that abounds on these coasts, especially with growing need for energy sources and natural resources, increasing Spanish public opinion – that’s what prompts him to come up with these works.

The same political scientist confirmed in a statement that “these articles published by Spanish newspapers are tantamount to the reaction of Spanish public opinion after Morocco unilaterally demarcated its maritime borders without the participation of Spain”, noting that “this demarcation takes place in a judicial manner “. which is determined in accordance with national legislation, international maritime law and cartographic identification.

Buchbze concluded his interview with Hespress by saying, “There are some parties and lobbies that deliberately bring up these old questions that are still under discussion to create tension between the two countries.”

future aspirations

Abdel Samad Malawi, a university professor and international expert in renewable energy technologies, said in a statement to Hespress that Tropical Mountain, located on the Moroccan coast, “contains very important materials that are used in the production of future technologies such as automobiles and high-efficiency solar panels that generate electricity from solar energy.

“Ferromanganese, cobalt and telerio are valuable materials found in Tropic Mountain, which are used in the production of computers and electronic machines. Morocco strives to compete with its development for the first places in the field of microtechnological production, thereby strengthening its commercial and strategic position among other countries” , says Malawi.

The international renewable energy technology expert continued: “This large amount of precious metals discovered at Tropic Mountain is the result of a series of studies carried out by the British Science Mission in 2016.”

The same spokesman added: “Despite the existence of this hidden dispute between Madrid and Rabat, I don’t know whether there really is a dispute between the two countries or not, so that Spanish-Moroccan relations are experiencing a positive development, especially after Spain recognizes the Moroccan Sahara. “.

Malawi stressed: “Morocco can use these precious minerals to launch a future technology industry equivalent to today’s global industries that have become dependent on artificial intelligence, as well as contribute to the production of more than 250 million electric vehicles.”

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