June 2, 2023

The Progress and Socialism group in the House of Representatives called on the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forests, Muhammad al-Siddiqi, to reveal the true situation in the national market regarding the supply of vegetables. fruits, meat, fish and milk.

Rashid Al-Hamouni, head of the Progress and Socialism group, in a written request to the Minister of Agriculture, stated that the decision of a number of professional associations, producers and exporters of vegetables and fruits, to withdraw from the joint committee with a solution to the problem of supplying the domestic market with tomatoes is a position indicating on confusion in balanced material management. Food in national markets at prices commensurate with the purchasing power of citizens, a decision that has consequences in light of the continued high prices for vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, milk and other foodstuffs on the eve of the month of fasting.

Al-Hamouni, also the minister of agriculture, called for disclosure of the approach taken by his ministry regarding the export of certain foodstuffs, especially tomatoes. Al-Hamouni added in his question that the national market still suffers from a number of governance imbalances. , management and control.

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