June 2, 2023

Prominent professors start a national strike on Wednesday, and on the same day they organize a protest in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of National Education in Rabat.

The strike is being carried out in protest against “the policy of procrastination and exclusion pursued by the Ministry of National Education regarding their case,” the National League of Eminent Professors, affiliated to the Moroccan National Labor Union, said in a statement.

The application called for the creation of a faculty of emeritus professors, including an emeritus professor independent of the qualifying secondary school teacher, and the creation of new ranks for promotion for this category of professors, as well as a revision of material remuneration in accordance with them, with the creation of compensation for research for eminent doctoral holders.

He also demanded the appointment of all distinguished graduates to post-baccalaureate courses, the clarification of the number of working hours at 12 hours per week, the revision of the memo on the transitional movement and the equivalence of the certificate of excellence with certificates that allow them to register in the doctoral corps, and also gives them the opportunity to compete for positions of responsibility in central and decentralized departments of the ministry.

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