November 29, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree facilitating the granting of Russian citizenship to foreigners in the event of military service, based on a text released by the government on Friday.

“Foreigners will be entitled to an expedited application if they served in the Russian army for at least six months or were injured before the expiration of this period, making it impossible to continue their military service,” the document says. .

The decree, published in the Official Gazette, specifies that the wives, children and relatives of foreigners who have signed a contract with the Russian army can also use this mechanism for obtaining Russian citizenship.

The measure appears to be aimed primarily at people from the former Soviet republics of Central Asia working in heavy-duty jobs in major Russian cities such as the capital Moscow.

Following the announcement last week in Russia of partial mobilization due to military difficulties in Ukraine, several Central Asian republics called on their citizens not to take part in the war.

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