June 8, 2023

Moroccan critic Mustafa Rajavan received the Al-Babtein Prize for Poetry at its eighteenth session in the Best Book Division on Poetry Criticism for his Poetics and Harmony of Discourse: Text Linguistics and Jean’s Poetics. Cohen.”

On Sunday, the poet Abdul Aziz Saud al-Babtein announced the winners of the Abdul Aziz Saud al-Babtein Cultural Foundation awards for this poetry and criticism session in its six divisions; These are the Best Poetry Criticism Book Award, the Best Book Award, the Best Poem Award, the Best Youth Book Award, the Best Youth Poem Award, and the honorary award. for poetic creativity.

In the department of the prize for the best book of poetry criticism, the critic Mustafa Rajawan from Morocco won for the book “Poetry and Harmony of Discourse” together with the critic Ahmed Darwish from Egypt for the book “The Perception of Poetry”.

While the poet Raud Al-Hajj from Sudan won the best poetry collection award for his book “If it rains in Kalama” and the poet Abdullah Amin Abu Shamis from Jordan won the best poem award for his poem “Rachel”.

As for the youth category, she received the award for the best collection of poems from the poet Alaa Al-Katrawi from Palestine for the poem “The barmaid trying to sing.”

Poet Zahir Habib from Yemen won in the nomination “Best Poem for Youth” for his poem “A Fist from a Stunning Blow”, while poet Abdel Aziz Khoja from Yemen received an honorary prize for this session. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; This decision is not subject to arbitration, but is carried out in accordance with a special mechanism controlled by the head of the Foundation, the poet Abdul Aziz Saud Al-Babtain.

The award has received wide participation from all over the Arab world, as the number of participants has reached over 826 in various areas of the award. Since the number of works in the category “Best book on poetry criticism” has reached 56, of which 124 – in the category “Best collection of poems”, in the category “Best poem” – 341 articles, and in the category “Best collection of poetry” for youth recorded 98 entries . At the same time, the number of participants in the nomination “The Best Poem for Youth” reached 207 people.

The Abdulaziz Saud al-Babtein Cultural Foundation opened the eighteenth session of the Abdulaziz Saud al-Babtan Prize for Poetry between April and September 30, 2021.

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