February 8, 2023

Sports usually have an important impact on society, the idea of ​​football is the most popular of all, and therefore any name that has weight in the world of football is highly admired by people, and this intolerance is greatly increased. when a long-awaited achievement appears, as happened with Lionel Messi at the World Cup in Qatar, there can be different ways to show feelings for a player, perhaps stalking him in every stadium he plays, or getting a tattoo, or hanging a poster in the hall. The room is the most ordinary, but after the victory of Argentina in the World Cup, something else remarkable was noticed.


One in every 70 babies born in December 2022 was registered as Lionel or Lionella, so the choice of these names for newborns has increased by 700% since only 6 boys and girls received this choice in the month until September, and this number has been growing until reaching 49 in just 30 days, according to El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.


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