June 2, 2023

Walid Regragui, coach of Morocco’s first national football team, praised the performance of Brigadier General Ghanem Sayes and other national elements in the confrontation with Brazil, after they defeated the “samba dancers” by two goals: one in a friendly match that took place at the Bolshoi stadium in Tangier on Saturday evening.

Rekraghi said during the press conference that followed the confrontation: “We approached the match with a lot of concentration, just like at the last World Cup, but we were affected by the forced exit of player Ashraf Hakimi, who gives us balance. We attacked from the start and were good.”

“We have to have a lot of respect for the players,” he added. Sometimes people say they’re done with this player and stuff like that. Today we saw how Sufyan Bufal shone, as well as the promising Bilal Al-Khanus. We shouldn’t criticize a player for playing in a particular league, because that’s about the players, as happened to Abdel Samad Al-Zalzouli at the World Cup.

He continued by saying, “There were those who criticized Sais before, after he moved to play in Turkey, but today he was a Seven. It’s great that we beat Brazil, it’s like a dream. When we were young we just wanted to face this team and today we won. We should be happy with what has been achieved.”

He continued: “As far as the African Cup is concerned, we are definitely aiming to win it and we will work on it. If the matter is achieved, it will be good, and if it is not achieved, then this is the destiny of God. We have a good attacking right flank with Hakimi, Ziyech and Onahi, we relied on him a lot. But sometimes we need to diversify.

And he added: “We have a group spirit, and this is the secret of the positive results that we achieve. We saw how Hakimi, Ziyech and all the players play. We should celebrate these beautiful moments that we share with people.”

He concluded by saying: “We will play against Peru with the aim of winning and we will only have half an hour for breakfast. We will work to save the pillars while giving other players the opportunity.”

The Moroccan national team continued the series of performances and positive results, defeating the Brazilian national team (2:1) in a friendly match, which took place on the territory of a large stadium in Tangier in front of thousands of Moroccans. fans who filled the stadium to the end.

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