June 4, 2023
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Hespress – Amal KeninMonday, December 12, 2022 – 11:00 am

With their historic victory and reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, the Moroccan national team sent several messages, the most important of which is that “Moroccan youth are connected to their homeland and patriotism.”

In this context, sociologist Mohamed Tariq expressed his joy at the historic victory, saying that it “creates a positive image of young people who are partly the children of immigrants and partly from the interior of Morocco.”

And Tarek continued: “Moroccans dreamed of a few victories, and football is a picture in front of a group of problems, whether economic, social or otherwise.”

According to the same speaker, the Moroccan team broke the taboo that young people do not have national zeal and the ability to face challenges, today they have become a model not only for Moroccans, but also for the African and Arab world.

For his part, Ali Al-Shabani, a sociologist, said: “Joy as an expression occurs when something one has been waiting for is fulfilled,” confirming in a statement to Hespress that “Moroccans have been waiting for this surprise for ages.” years, especially in the sports field, because they got disappointment after disappointment and they didn’t make it.” Which can give them a sense of victory and joy.”

Al-Shabani explained that “before the start of the World Cup organized in Qatar, all Moroccans, like other people, were afraid of failure, and the biggest optimists thought that we would win one match or only reach the second round, as happened on the 1986 World Cup, especially since all African countries did not make it out of the quarterfinals.

The spokesman also stressed that “the winning streak has given the players optimism and success, especially after the second match against world No. 2 Belgium and the third in the previous session, as the Moroccans returned to the belief in the possibility of victory.” , especially after the media began to give them many manifestations of joy in distant societies. about Morocco, which gave them self-confidence.” . Hope is justified today, after what has been achieved in this area.”

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