December 2, 2022
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Ibrahim al-Hafizun of SettatThursday, November 17, 2022 – 11:13 PM

A number of residents of the Allam Mall roundabout in the soil commune of Sidi Rahal al-Shati, part of Berrechid province, demanded in a statement issued by their representative association that the roundabout be restructured, demonstrating their determination to continue what they describe as the “path of struggle” by from next week an open sit-in in case of non-compliance with their demands.

And the Douar Mall Al-Alam association in Sidi Rahal al-Shati released a statement that Hespress received, in which it reviewed the group of protest formulas that they had previously organized and formalized, while noting at the same time the commitment of the head of the group, Sidi Rahal al-Shati, to hold meeting with the residents next Monday, after the intervention of the city pasha, to listen and agree on steps to restart the process of restructuring the second part of Al Alam. Shopping center circular.

In the same context, Javad Bulak, Second Vice President of the Sidi Rahal Al Shati Community Council, who is empowered to manage the construction sector, explained in a statement to Hespress that “the case for the completion of the Al Alam Mall District is a royal project that was launched in 2006 is relatively slow and did not follow the desired direction, until it stopped in 2010 due to protests and attacks by some heirs on the “communists”, given that the area of ​​the site reaches approximately 12 hectares.

Bulak pointed out that “the property consists of a part belonging to the group of heirs and another part belonging to the Settat Regional Council; “In addition to a percentage of state property,” he added, “the former district police officer ordered an expansion. I was aware of the opening of a boulevard in the middle of a random block, including about 280 “barracks”, according to the last census in 2011, and the process was known as skirmishes and clashes, some of which reached the courts.” Denying the presence of Ashtar in the preparation of the neighborhood, emphasizing that the restructuring was launched in an integrated manner by the group as the project’s bearer.

And the representative of the acting head of the collective farm continued: “Before this situation, the group decided to enter into partnerships with a number of heirs, but the agreement with them later turned out to be in front of the regional authorities and central interests. be invalid, but stumbled upon a wave of “Crown”; After that, a ministerial committee met and decided that it was not valid.”

Bulak concluded that “things are moving in the right direction thanks to the efforts of the collective council working in the public interest, and he decided to acquire the property at the last May session in coordination with all interested parties. , whether it be a worker in the Berrechid district or the director of state property in Settat, who published the report last week. He sent it to the central administration to speed up the pace of the acquisition request, reaching the initial approval”, he asked about the motives of these protests, “which will not increase or decrease the progress of the case towards a solution”, as he put it, and invites everyone to read all the information and business stages.

Sidi Rahal Development Council team

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