March 28, 2023

The National Union of Labor in Morocco intends to organize a warning rally on Sunday, October 23, in front of the parliament’s headquarters in Rabat against rising prices, falling purchasing power and the state budget deficit, which was preceded by a press conference. conference, next Thursday, at which “the launch of the dynamics of the struggle, which includes all the central, regional and sectoral components of the Union.

The union close to Al-Bijidi made the decision as part of its National Coordinating Council held last Sunday, at which National Labor Union General Secretary Abdelila Al-Khalouti spoke about the organization’s reasons for this stance, including “rising prices and the collapse of the purchasing power.” the ability of the citizens, which requires a struggle approach and a practical stance against the government’s indifference to the suffering of the Moroccan people, their vulnerable groups and their middle class.

The union also denounced in a statement the government’s unjustified deficit, exacerbating social crisis indicators as a result of alarming increases in the prices of fuel and some basic materials, and its reflection in weakening purchasing power. Moroccans and their daily life.

The union called on all its activists to carry on the usual struggle to push the Moroccan government to implement its adopted slogan of the social state, to correct imbalances in social reality through urgent intervention and to correct the course of social dialogue and remove it from the justification of “propaganda” aggravating the situation due to the aggravation of high prices and bleeding the purchasing power of the working people.

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