June 2, 2023
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Hesport – Muhammad IshtiviFriday, April 7, 2023 – 06:20

Radwan Cayenne, father of Moroccan national team Sofiane Cayenne, player of the Belgian football club Leuven, confirmed that his son is still in shock from a traffic accident he suffered a few days ago and almost took his life in a Belgian home.

Kane’s father explained in a statement to the Belgian newspaper DH that his son suffered a lot on a psychological level following this tragic accident, which nearly claimed the lives of innocent children who were training at the gym where the player’s car collided last Thursday.

Keane, the father, said: “Psychologically, my son has suffered a lot, and he cries, thinking that he almost harmed or killed the children. We didn’t understand what happened. Sufyan is not reckless on the way.”

And Belgian club Leuven have announced that Sophian Kane has been temporarily relieved of his duties as a first-team player after he suffered a serious traffic accident that placed him in intensive care in critical condition before he passed a dangerous stage later.

The Belgian club announced via its official Facebook account last Monday: “Loven has decided to freeze Sofiane Kane indefinitely and the club is taking this decision to allow the investigation to proceed undisturbed. “.

Sir Sufyan Kayin’s accident

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