June 2, 2023

A new public opinion poll recommended that the role of the gendarmerie played by Morocco be reconsidered, noting that this role “Morocco continues to play the role of the immigration gendarmerie in the rise of the phenomenon of racism and fuels the dilemma of hate speech. “.

The survey was prepared by the Moroccan Citizenship Center and the Moroccan League for the Defense of Human Rights and was based on an electronic form that was distributed between February 16 and March 3 to 3,158 people from all regions of the Kingdom, as well as Moroccans abroad, participated in its completion.

The study believes that the role of the gendarmerie “liberates Europe from economic, social and legal burdens, while burdening Morocco at all these levels, undermining its previous efforts and laying the foundation for the future of its management of the migration phenomenon.”

He warned against turning the issue of immigration into a geo-strategic tool of pressure and extortion from the countries of the North to the countries of the South, with the aim of turning it into a gendarmerie in the field of combating illegal migration without regard to the factors that cause this phenomenon.

The results of the survey, which was presented last Wednesday in Rabat, showed that 53% of people under the age of 30 deny immigrants access to social services such as health care and education.

Also, 58% of participants under the age of 30 “do not accept the integration of immigrants as employees or employees of contracting organizations and companies in Morocco, while in other age groups this percentage does not exceed 32%”.

And 71% of age groups under 30 believe that immigrants contribute to high youth unemployment, and “58% of participants under 30 do not agree that immigrants live near them.”

79% of participants under the age of 30 believe that the current number of immigrants in Morocco is high, while 59% of the remaining age groups believe that this is a low percentage.

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