December 4, 2022

English journalist Piers Morgan has published his exclusive interview with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, in which he talks about a lot that has happened in recent months.


Ronaldo said: “I love Ole Ganner Solskjaer, I think he was a special person because what I keep in my heart is people’s hearts and Ole is a high level person for me, it’s hard for me to take on the role . after sir alex ferguson but i think he did a good job he needs more time but i never doubt he will be a good coach in the future it was a good experience i was very happy to work with him even for a short term”.

And he went on to talk about Ralph Rangnick: “Of course I respect him, we had to call him “boss” because he took the job, after all, deep down I didn’t see him as president, because I saw some moments . what I never agreed with, I respect any coach and every approach is different. “Different opinions, different thinking, but I don’t agree with some points.”


And he continued: “I have always been on the side of the best coaches in the world: Zidane, Ancelotti, Mourinho, Fernando Santos, Allegri, so I have a kind of experience because I learn from them, when you see some coaches come, they want a revolution in football, I don’t agree with them, I have my own opinion, they agree or not, but that’s part of the job, because after all, I’m in a club that wins.”

And he continued: “When you fire Solskjaer, you should hire a senior manager, not a sports director.”

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