February 1, 2023
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Hesport – Abdul Salam NasserThursday, January 12, 2023 – 04:40

Muhammad Al-Shara, a spokesman for the Royal Army, has seen the Arbitration Board’s weekly issue confirming that referee Bushra Karbubi was not successful during her management of the match between the “military” team and Al-Salmi, canceling it as a proper target for the army team .

Al-Sharaa said in a press statement: “While we appreciate admitting the error and admitting that we forfeited a legitimate goal, we wonder how much benefit the team has gained after a string of errors and continued loss of points.”

He added: “We are tired of arbitrage errors, and recognizing them by the Directorate will not give us back the points we were deprived of. It is inconceivable that a series of mistakes would continue and we would lose the points we deserved.”

He concluded his statement by saying, “We can no longer pay the bill for new arbitration errors. Wrong decisions contribute to depriving us of points, and also affect the group and make it think about decisions, and not focus on matches.

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