June 4, 2023

Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Al-Qasim Region, praised the statistics and figures presented in the final report of the 2022 AD Buraida Date Festival, which exceeded 2 billion rials in sales and related activities and programs dedicated to dates and derivatives, attended by over 4,000 young men and women and a number of productive families and artisans, in addition to workshops and international conferences that have contributed to the development of this national product to achieve the goals of the Kingdom for the period up to 2030.


Emir Al Qassima said that the Buraida Finiki festival was attended by delegations and guests from the Gulf countries and friendly foreign countries, including country representatives, ambassadors, ministers and visitors from all walks of life.

He added that the statistics of the festival showed that the total number of cars that arrived at the festival was 92,356, and the number of parcels reached 32,046,821 packages, and the total weight of products was 96,149,463 tons, and intra-festival sales amounted to 1,538,391,408 rials. . and outside the festival 1,327,165,298 rials, bringing the total sales to 2,865,556,706 rials and the number of visitors to more than 396 thousand visitors.


He thanked the general curator of the branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Agriculture in the region, the director of the branch in the region and the leaders of the festival for their efforts and the outstanding work achieved in all its programs and events. Developments.


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