April 1, 2023

Javi Hernandez, head coach of Barcelona, ​​spoke about the match against Valencia, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, as part of the 24th round of the championship of Spain.

During the press conference for the match, Xavi said: “Even with the victory over Real Madrid (in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey) people did not feel satisfied. We have the advantage, but I was more satisfied with the game. Super Cup (against ” Real Madrid). I like to dominate.

He added: “For this reason, I see that Barcelona is the most difficult club in the world. I won 1-0 in Madrid, but it was not convincing. There’s always noise, it’s Barça… But if the opposite happened and Real Madrid won the same result, it would be a national holiday.”

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And he continued: “We need to win and convince, and this is our goal .. But the opponent is the current champion of the League and the European Champions League, and if you are under a lot of pressure, then it is difficult.”

He added: “We don’t like being the least possessive on the pitch. Our goal is always control, initiative and attack, but it is also necessary to pay special attention to defensive work and the skill of playing off the ball. Conde prefers to play. as a defender, but there are conditions for the team and he adapts very well. He represents a defensive guarantee for us and I think it’s an amazing deal.”

Xavi summed up: “Tomorrow I will see my place on the field, maybe from above I will watch the match better, but this does not change anything.. There will be a normal conversation.. Only I will not be on the bench (because of the suspension).”

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