June 2, 2023
Photo: Hespress

Abdelkarim Harvash of NadorWednesday, May 24, 2023 – 04:10

On Tuesday, a group of school bus drivers and escorts affiliated with the Coordination of Civil Society Societies in the Bouarak community staged a protest in front of the community’s headquarters demanding their financial contributions.

The protesters reported that they did not receive their contributions for two months without receiving any clarification about this from the responsible authorities, which ultimately prompted them to protest.

The protesters condemned what they saw as a disregard for their rights without regard to their special circumstances and their duties and responsibilities.

In a statement to Hespress, Muhammad al-Borki, head of the Coordinating Council of Civil Society Associations in Buarak, said: “The coordination has not received the necessary support from the collective council to manage the school’s transport fleet, which is 15 buses, benefiting about 100 students, most of them from poor class at the level of the territory of the community.

The same representative confirmed that the Coordinating Committee had approached the Collective Council about this but had not received a response, and also requested several times to revise the subsidy for buses, which had not changed since 2013 and was no longer sufficient to cover all costs in light of high prices. for fuel.

The head of the Coordinating Committee considered the protest of the users “a legitimate thing, given that the protest organized today takes place within the framework of the protection of rights”, emphasizing at the end that “the biggest loser is the students of the group, who will be denied school transportation.” “.

Bouarak community, school buses and protest pause

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