February 1, 2023
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Rashid Bejiken of Chtouka Ait BahaTuesday, January 24, 2023 – 02:30

For several months, police services in the Chtuka Ait Baha area have been conducting security campaigns, described as “extensive”, which alternately cover different areas of the region.

These security campaigns resulted in the arrest of a number of people involved in various offenses and criminal cases, as well as the confiscation of dozens of motorcycles in separate operations throughout the region.

The intensification of cleansing campaigns, which are supervised by the regional and district chiefs of the gendarmerie, is aimed at suppressing drug dealers and smuggling of all kinds, as well as prosecuting those suspected of involvement in actions that damage the safety of people and property. and those under investigation.

And in the course of the implementation of the security plan, which was described as broad, strong and continuous, wide-ranging verification operations involving more than 600 people in the community of Sidi Bibi led today, Monday, to the arrest of five suspects and suspects in accordance with national legislation. search warrants for their involvement in a misdemeanor or criminal act.

During the same cleanup campaign, which involved gendarmes from various territorial centers, motorcycle groups and members of the judicial center, more than 150 vehicles were checked using advanced electronic panels. About 30 motorcycles were seized and sent to mass arrest, and their drivers were fined.

Cleanup campaigns are expected to continue throughout the Chtuk Ait Baha region. This is in pursuance of the general directives of the High Command of the Royal Gendarmerie and its regional and regional leaders, aimed at eradicating the sources of crime, actively suppressing its various manifestations and increasing the sense of security of the rural population.

Criminal Royal Gendarmerie Sidi Bibi

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