April 1, 2023

The delegation of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces held a number of meetings with Ecuadorian officials and figures, including the President of the National Assembly of Ecuador, the President of the National Electoral Council and Council, in addition to representatives of the Democratic Left Party and the National Council of Human Rights Defenders and Nature.

With regard to the above meetings, Bergilio Saquitilla, President of the National Assembly of Ecuador, received the federal delegation and officials of the Socialist Party of Ecuador, where the President expressed his readiness to strengthen relations between the Moroccan Parliament and the National Assembly of Ecuador by activating the Joint Committee of Friendship, and instructed to speed up the implementation of the administrative procedure due to this.

For its part, the federal delegation thanked the President of the National Assembly of Ecuador for the warm welcome, given that Morocco and Ecuador are facing opportunities for South-South cooperation, and recalled the policy of King Mohammed VI to make Morocco a link between Africa and Latin America.

The federal delegation met with Shiram Diana Atament, President of the National Council for Elections, since this council is the fourth authority under the 2008 Ecuadorian Constitution and the body responsible for organizing, monitoring and announcing the results of all electoral events and referendums. .

During this meeting, the federal delegation presented the electoral experience in Morocco and the laws governing it, as well as the importance of the territorial levels in the national system, and stressed the importance given to the constitutional text on participation in citizenship and the rights and freedoms that it guarantees.

Jimmy Marchan, head of the Council for Multi-Identity and Cross-Cultural Food Sovereignty, hosted a federal delegation at the Department of Agriculture and Livestock headquarters, high-ranking control station officials and government agencies.

The Multinational and Intercultural Food Sovereignty Council is considered to be an institution dedicated to the protection of small farmers, fair distribution of land and water wealth, environmental diversity, and the protection of nature through proposals for laws that it introduces directly for discussion in the National Assembly or put forward through parliamentary groups or through a government channel. .

The union members were received by Enrique Chavez, Democratic Left Party, where a Moroccan delegation made a presentation on the political situation in Morocco and reviewed the history of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, and explained the Moroccan proposal for autonomy as the only viable solution in the Moroccan desert.

For his part, Chavez expressed satisfaction with this visit, which is considered a precedent for the Arab and African Socialist Party, and stressed the importance of cooperation, exchange of experience and strengthening bilateral relations between the two sides and the two countries.

The National Council of the Defenders of Nature and Man at the headquarters of the Ecuadorian Al-Wasit Foundation organized a symposium on Moroccan human rights institutions and the experience of transitional justice in Morocco. At the symposium there was active interaction on a number of human rights issues, especially on transitional justice and the Moroccan experience in the field of human rights, after which it was decided to organize a visit to Morocco.

Moroccan Unionists received at the headquarters of the Socialist Party of Ecuador a delegation of the United Front of Workers and the Ecuadorian Centralism of Free Trade Union Organizations, where the head of the organization, Marcela Arellano, presented the trade union situation in Ecuador. the crisis of social dialogue and the setbacks experienced by Ecuador in the area of ​​workers’ rights and freedom of association.

A delegation from the Socialist Union of Popular Forces at the headquarters of the Socialist Party of Ecuador held a meeting with a delegation from the Civic Organization for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, known as FINOCIL, which is fighting for the restoration of the land.

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