June 4, 2023

The People’s Movement Party criticized “the government’s evasion of its campaign promises, its lack of a clear vision and strong will to revitalize the official character of Amazighism and its integration in all areas.”

In a final statement issued at his Fourteenth National Congress, held on Friday and Saturday in Rabat, he called for the activation of the relevant constitutional provisions and the initiation of a deep discussion among various sections of society in order to accelerate the pace of uploading Amazighism in various aspects. public life as the right of citizenship and property of all Moroccans without exception.

He also urged the Government to ensure conditions for the success of the Royal Society seminars related to the universal extension of social protection.

He called for a real reform of various social systems and policies with the implementation of approaches that would achieve social and spatial justice and improve the living conditions of citizens.

He also stressed the need to complete the upload of advanced regionalization workshops and make spatial justice a priority for state and territorial policy.

He emphasized the need to pay attention to the Moroccans of the diaspora, rehabilitating the institutional structure that deals with the affairs of Moroccans in the world, in such a way as to guarantee their participation in the welfare state.

Notably, the People’s Movement Congress elected on Saturday, as expected, Muhammad Uzin as the party’s general secretary, replacing its former general secretary, Muhannad Al-Anser, in this post.

The vote was taken unanimously by hand, according to the number of those present among the 1800 congresses at Ozen, without registering abstentions or votes against.

Uzin, presented as the only candidate after the nomination of Politburo member Idris al-Zuweni was rejected for failing to enlist for four years, and also for failing to fulfill the condition of Politburo membership. for two terms in a row.

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