April 1, 2023

A wave of severe cold and frost did not prevent a group of families living in the commune of Xiba in Beni Mellal province from opposing the local muatasim, hoping that the authorities would intervene and stop the work of the stone crushing quarry.

From al-Mutasim, an elderly man living in Emin Tverst in the Maraman al-Kosaiba district said: “We are going to die in our homes. Our houses are destroyed and our eyes do not complain, but to no avail,” summarizing spontaneously a dossier of protesters marked by fear and loss, and the lack of interaction of the responsible authorities with their calls and complaints, which are said to have hovered in the offices of the two earthly groups.

The old man is one of dozens who have gone on open sit-in since Monday, calling on the responsible authorities to intervene and stop the quarry, which they say is making life difficult for them due to alarming explosions. that cause cracks and cracks in the walls of their homes.

The protesters hope that the competent authorities will intervene to stop the work of the quarry, which is located near their homes, stressing that the continuation of the work will endanger their lives and disturb the comfort of the elderly and the sick among them due to strong explosions and alarming sounds emitted by the mechanisms of the quarry. .

On the same issue, the Moroccan Human Rights Association in Al Qosib called for a serious and impartial investigation to determine the extent of the damage to the homes of the residents stationed in Al Moutasim.

The association revealed in a statement seen by Hespress that deep “cracks” and “cracks” penetrate dozens of homes adjacent to the aforementioned workshops, adding that these “cracks” and “cracks” have not spared even buildings located far from these workshops. . .

The statement calls for “exercising wisdom and conscientious listening to and meeting the demands of a just population” in order to avoid the danger of collapse that threatens their homes and endangers the lives of their children due to what could result from the continuation of the deaf ears policy pursued by by the company concerned, without complying with current standards and tolerances agreed in the accounting books, is added to the application.

In this regard, an official source told Hespress that “the owner of the quarry is legally licensed and has been operating in the area for 13 years and has only about two years left,” adding that the authorities have taken all possible measures. measures to ensure the safety of residents, including informing those concerned about the content of the demands of the protesters. Stick to the book of endurance.

The same source indicated that the authorities called the owner of the quarry to inform him of the timing of the explosion in order to monitor this process and see to what extent he complies with the standards in force within this framework, explaining that the obstacle to this procedure is that the site where the quarry is located belongs to the community of Deir al-Qasib, while the affected residents live in the community of Qassiba.

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