June 2, 2023

According to them, Moroccan importers are suffering huge losses in the port of Nador due to “contradictory customs procedures.”

Rashid Khamouni, head of the Progress and Socialism group in the House of Representatives (Opposition), said: “Moroccan investors in the city of Nador are suffering from the imposition of customs duties by the Customs Administration and indirect taxes, which they consider “undignified,” given that they are based only on contradiction with the documents provided by the competent Spanish authorities.

In a question to Economy and Finance Minister Fattah Al-Alawi, he explained that interested parties receive a certificate of exemption for certain imported goods of European origin from the EU. That these exemptions are canceled by the same Spanish customs authority.

The importers consider the behavior of the Moroccan customs “a violation of the requirements of the preferential system agreement signed between Morocco and the European Union”, which results in serious material damage to them, while forcing them to pay customs duties from which they were previously exempted, in addition to fulfilling ” avoidance tactics”, noting that the importer does not bear any responsibility for these procedural inconsistencies.

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