March 28, 2023

The results of the examination of Supreme Council judges for the support given to cultural projects showed that it was driven by an obsession with the consumption of provided subsidies and the achievement of quantitative goals without focusing on goals related to the creation of cultural and creative industries. .

He gave an example of this by distributing the theater support committee in the 2019 session almost equally, which benefited 13 projects, as 8 projects received support worth 30 million centimeters, 4 projects worth 34 million centimeters, and one project worth 37 million centimeters.

In the same year, he also increased the amount of support by 45% for each project in order to use the remaining funds.

In its 2021 report, the council criticized the “lack of a formal framework for assessing the impact of providing subsidies on the flourishing of the creative and cultural industries.”

He also noted that the ministry did not have objective statistical data to conduct assessments.

He explained that the absence of this information system does not allow the support committees to receive information on the benefits and methods of using the support provided by various departments of the ministry, and to refer to certain practices, for example, related to projects, if necessary. those who received cumulative support, as well as the definition of quantitative and qualitative indicators of implemented projects.

The Ministry stated that it is in the process of preparing a study related to the implementation of an information system for the management and monitoring of support for artistic and cultural activities. grants for 2022.
He also committed to complete the second phase related to the beneficiary completion tracking system.

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