April 1, 2023

Swiss authorities have refused to deport Swiss citizen Kevin Zoller, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison in Morocco on terrorism charges, to serve his sentence in Switzerland as part of an agreement between the two countries.

Zoller was convicted under the dossier of a cell that brutally murdered two Dutch tourists in the Shamharukh region in late 2018. Although he was not directly involved in the operation, he knew the perpetrators, led by Abdel Samad Joad, in advance. He was accused of meeting with them, although he confirmed that he had cut off any connection with them and denied any involvement in the operation.

And after Kevin Zoller’s family believed that the Moroccan authorities were the ones who objected to their son’s deportation to Switzerland, it became clear from official correspondence received by Al-Youm 24 that the Swiss Federal Council of Justice (Department for the Transfer of Prisoners ) informed the Swiss family of the refusal to deport him to serve his sentence in his country of origin, citing the objection of the Swiss Ministry of Justice.

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