June 2, 2023

The Mohammed Daoud Foundation for History and Culture in Tetouan City organized a reading of my book “Explanation of Ambiguity Based on the Prosody of Abi al-Hasan Ali ibn Berri”, followed by: “Al-Kafi in the Science of Rhymes, Research and Investigation by Dr. Muhammad al-Fihri.

The meeting, which was attended by representatives of cultural and social activities and students, was attended by professors Jamila Rizki, Muhammad Saeed al-Baqali and Ikram al-Ghagwani, and was presented and moderated by Muhammad ibn Ayad.

Jamila Rizki confirmed that the study of the book “Explaining ambiguity in terms of versification” is a serious and sober scientific addition, which further activates the role of the Moroccan linguistic library in general and the linguistic treasury in the Marinid era in particular.

The speech emphasized the importance of the investigation conducted by Muhammad al-Fihri, which required exceptional efforts, constant patience and accuracy in work.

Muhammad Saeed al-Baqali in his speech focused on the classification of the book Prosody-Based Explanation of Ambiguity in the context of literary explanations after al-Fihri attempted to improve it and show it in a manner worthy of the book and its author.

Al-Bakali praised the researcher’s scientific project, in which he had been involved for quite some time, to create treasures of Moroccan heritage.

The young researcher Ikram al-Ghajwani focused on the chapters and content of the edited book, as well as the most important solid structure, the epistemological implications, and the great scholarly effort it brought as it dealt with many issues related to presentations.

Muhammad al-Fihri recalled the tireless efforts that he made to present the figures of the Moroccan school in the science of versification and rhyme, and in particular the interest in the legacy of Ibn Berri, adhering to the rules and principles of research. , tracking annotated text, controlling its verses, indexing and sharing.

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