March 28, 2023
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Hespress from RabatSunday, March 19, 2023 – 01:20 am

The local chapter of the Loyalty of the Justice Ministers in Ksar el-Kebir, in partnership with the Collective Council, organized on Friday in the hall of the Al-Khmar al-Kanuni Culture House a national symposium on the topic “The cultural component and the promotion of women’s participation in decision-making… influences and challenges”; In the presence of university teachers, specialists, guests and representatives of the collective council.

The session featured professors, researchers and politicians, initiated by Fatima Arhouni, President of the Court of First Instance in Larache, who spoke on the topic “the role of women in the creation of the justice system”; Jamila El Ammari, Professor of Higher Education at the Faculty of Law in Tangier and former Director of Human Resources at the Ministry of Higher Education, then spoke on the topic “Women’s access to positions of responsibility: reality and paths to reform”.

Following the intervention of Souad Hamidi, Professor of Higher Education at the Faculty of Law in Tangier and Head of the National Center for Legal Support and Human Rights, Tangier Branch, Jamia Segur, Chief Clerk of the Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Appeal in Guelmim, and member of the Administrative Council of Wadadia of Justice Workers, raised the topic of “obstacles and restrictions on women’s access to leadership positions”; Meanwhile, Mohamed Abdel-Sadiq Al-Saidi, head of the Association of Justice Workers and member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, discussed the issue of “paradoxes in modern Morocco, the women’s issue as a model.”

Muhammad Habib, an official of the Ministry of Justice, a social worker and a researcher in the field of psychology, devoted his speech to the topic “What are the human rights and legal guarantees for women’s access to responsible positions and their attitude to the cultural component?” , in front of Hamza Bendul, judicial delegate at the Court of First Instance at the Grand Palace, addressed the topic “The role of cultural and legal heritage in defining women’s rights and empowering them to make decisions.”

It is noteworthy that the symposium was moderated by Fakhreddin Benhaddou, a member of the Administrative Council of the Wadiyya Servants of Justice, after which the participants were presented with letters of thanks.

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