June 8, 2023
Cyber ​​security expert engineer Ibrahim Al Shamrani said that the amount of information Google knows about you exceeds the information your family knows about you, including Google Map. It knows your route every day, where you stand, when you arrive and where you are going. This information is very important that only you know. During an interview with him on the program “In Public” on Saudi television, the engineer confirmed that the Internet has been providing its services for over 30 years and carries many positives and negatives , while the Internet has become an arena of influence and conflict between governments and international companies, and the issue is how people protect their privacy, as well as the issue between governments and corporations.

Engineer Al-Shamrani stated that iCloud is considered very secure by its standards, as long as there is no mistake on the part of the user regarding the confidentiality of data when stored in iCloud, since it is stored in data centers outside the country and can be governed by the laws of the country itself. Government or law enforcement agencies in these countries may have access to private data, and this is sometimes permitted and sometimes prohibited by the company itself.

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