April 1, 2023

Abd al-Ilah ibn Kiran, general secretary of the Justice and Development Party, said that the way the movement to which his party belongs, and the National Trade Union of Morocco in Morocco, has come to oppress some parties in Morocco, and among these parties and opponents are those who want to bring “bijidi” into conflict Always, because this, in the words of Ibn Kiran, “will allow them to extort money.”

Ibn Kiran returned to attack and criticize previous statements made by Melody Moharek, general secretary of the Moroccan Workers’ Union, when he said in previous statements, including an interview he gave to Al-Youm 24, that “his union has not taken a position of neutrality on recent elections, and this is the first time the union has taken such a position.” He played a role in this legislative election because we needed to have a punitive vote against the AKP.”

Ibn Kiran, attacking Muharek, said: “The union leader in Morocco, who thinks he is the biggest union leader, dominates the biggest union, comes out to say that we are the ones who helped bring down the Justice and Development Party and demands good luck and right from the pie.

Before addressing Bijidi leader Muharek, he said, “You are Malik, what is the Hadi union!??, of course he dominates, but look how low his leadership has reached. Oh, so-and-so, the friendship that brought us together demanded that you not say such words.

And Ibn Kiran said: “He should have taken into account… before he called me into his alliance, and when the party overthrew Diyala, he came out to heal me!!”

In addition, the Moroccan Trade Union announced that it had taken a stance on the recent electoral race for the first time and called on its agencies to “vote against the Justice and Development Party in the September 8, 2021 elections because of what it called the unpopular decisions taken over the past ten years, about inviting Prime Minister Aziz Ahannoush to dialogue on the adoption of electoral laws and on the withdrawal of laws that did not satisfy the trade unions.

In a previous interview with the website, Muharek accused Justice and Development of “making unpopular decisions during his ten years in office.” Muharek said: “During the reign of Ibn Kiran and Al-Osmani, decisions were made to raise prices, freeze wages, increase purchasing power and pass a pension law. According to him, “triple increases” were also approved, which is to raise the retirement age, reducing pensions and increasing contributions to contributions to pension funds.

And “punitive voting,” Muharek said, was that his union openly practiced it in this election and issued instructions to its agencies at the national and regional levels to punish justice and development.

Muharek expressed his satisfaction with the results of the elections, which resulted in the victory of the National Rallying Independent Party, and emphasized that it is now important to improve living and working conditions for all employees, calling on Aziz Ahannouch, the appointed prime minister, to dialogue, listen and consult with trade unions on issues concerns of employees, and on issues of work to improve conditions.

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