June 4, 2023
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Hespress from OuarzazateWednesday, December 7, 2022 – 03:21 AM

The Association for the Development of the Region of Ouarzazate stated that it was following the social, economic and cultural conditions in the region with great concern. “After the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Ouarzazate continues to be static and a field living in the midst of crises and reproducing major and dangerous failures at various levels; Ground and air isolation limits the region’s openness to investment pools.

And the association itself showed in a statement it released (a copy of which Hespress obtained) that hotel establishments continue to close their doors and the film industry is reducing its radiation and shrinking the size of its influence and presence, in addition to the drought and high prices for food, vegetables, fruits, water and electricity bills, and a persistent precarious employment situation for the vast majority of the population.

The same message added that, at the level of the dynamism of civil society, Ouarzazate knows the continuation of stagnation and the concealment of many radiological events that expressed the cultural, artistic and developmental face of the city and region. It is a stagnation attributed to subjective and objective factors, the most important of which is that civic action at the associative level still occupies a backward place in the interests of those in charge of local public affairs, compared to the leading role assigned to it by the constitution. .

The Ouarzazate Development Association confirmed that the public was shocked by the December 2 announcement by the National Authority for Electricity and Drinking Water of the Water Sector to return to imposing fines for late payment of bills; and that the Collegiate Council of Ouarzazate, apart from the general stagnation and the issue of the results of the year, continues to delay the payment of annual grants to associations as an acquired right; And that most of the associations operating in the region are experiencing financial crises associated with the accumulation of debts for the activities they have undertaken to promote the city and the region and emphasize their qualifications in various fields.

The associative fabric itself refused to close the municipal hall as a space for an action group in the face of associations in the absence of any alternative after it was an outlet for an action group in the absence of cultural structures and spaces, causing an alarming growth of many phenomena alien to the culture of the region and its inhabitants. (violent crimes, murders, drugs, homelessness, homelessness..), and an increase in migration outside the city and region as a serious indicator of the weakness of gravity and the difficulty of life in these neighborhoods.

The Development Associative Fabric of Ouarzazate concluded its statement with the words: “Emphasizing the seriousness of what we have mentioned and others that cannot be mentioned, and warning of the seriousness of what these conditions can lead to, we call on everyone to join the effort and show responsibility and anticipation, that the city and the region may restore their normal development and their usual tranquillity.” officials at the local, regional and national levels to seek immediate and urgent solutions.

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