November 30, 2022
The Digital Government Authority announced the results of the Digital Experience Maturity Index, which was launched on June 8, 2022 and includes 12 government platforms.

The digital experience maturity index for public services depends on three main aspects when measuring the maturity of public platforms: beneficiary satisfaction, user experience and complaints handling.

A set of axes fall under these perspectives where the user satisfaction perspective is related to the measurement of ease of use, information and content quality, accessibility, beneficiary support and responsiveness, while the user experience perspective measures usability, accessibility and overall services, while how a complaints handling perspective measures responses and solutions. Complaints, complaints channels and service level agreements.

Digital Experience Maturity Index levels were divided into five levels, from lowest to highest, which are new, developed, skilled, advanced, and outstanding, respectively.

The results of the top five government platforms were as follows: the platform (Absher) which reached the advanced level (85.59%) while the Tawakulna platform scored (82.76%), the Ihsan platform (80.83%). My Health platform (80.41%) and Najis platform (78.84%) at the professional level.

HE Chief Executive of the Digital Government Office, Engineer Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Suwayan, explained that the Digital Experience Maturity Index for Public Services aims to improve the digital experience, enhance beneficiary satisfaction and enhance engagement with them in line with digital government strategic directions and to achieve goals. vision of Kingdom 2030.

His Excellency praised the development of digital government platforms in the Kingdom and their role in improving the quality of life, facilitating business, increasing competitiveness and achieving government efficiency, which contributed to the progress of the Kingdom in international indicators.

It is noteworthy that the indicator of the maturity of the digital experience of public services is aimed at opening channels of communication with the beneficiaries of digital public services and listening to their opinions and suggestions, since the number of participants has reached more than 18 thousand beneficiaries.

The Digital Government Authority is the competent authority for all matters related to digital government and the national reference body for its affairs, including the production of measurements, metrics, tools and reports to measure the effectiveness and capacity of government agencies in digital government. and satisfaction of the beneficiary with them.

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